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Why everyone is talking about PrEP

PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, is an HIV prevention method in which people who don’t have HIV take HIV medicine daily to reduce their risk of getting HIV if they are exposed to the virus. PrEP can stop HIV from taking hold and spreading throughout your body.

PrEP is prescribed to HIV-negative adults and adolescents who are at high risk for getting HIV through sex or injection drug use.

PrEP is highly effective when taken as indicated.

The once-daily pill reduces the risk of getting HIV from sex by more than 90%. Among people who inject drugs, it reduces the risk by more than 70%.

Your risk of getting HIV from sex can be even lower if you combine PrEP with condoms and other prevention methods.

Feel free today and visit our clinic for free PrEP and always remember by choosing PrEP as your way to prevent HIV, it can unlock a feeling of independence and provide a sense of security