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Anal Warts causes and symptoms

Anal warts do not always cause symptoms. A person may notice small bumps and growths around the area, as well as some bleeding. HPV causes anal warts, and there are many strains of the virus.
In most cases, people develop anal warts as a result of having receptive anal intercourse with someone who has HPV. The virus can also transmit and cause anal warts through hand-to-anal contact or the anal area being exposed to someone’s bodily fluids that contain the virus. People with weakened immune systems, including those with HIV, are more vulnerable to infections. They may therefore have a higher risk of contracting HPV if they are exposed to the virus.
Avoid sexual contact with people who have active anal or genital warts. Use condoms or other barrier methods during sexual intercourse. This is not a guaranteed way to prevent HPV transmission, but it can reduce the risk.
Using condoms during sex will help prevent the disease, however a condom will not fully protect you as you can be infected by any contact with skin that is not covered by a condom
If you are sexually active always use a condom and go for checkups
Be sure to visit our clinics today if you think you might have anal warts