In the know

Stay Undetactable

“An Undetectable Viral Load has never meant that one should stop using Condoms”

You need to protect yourself from STls/STDs and Unintended Pregnancies.

Viral un-detection means you are taking your #ARVS as prescribed and your healthy.

You need to keep adhering.

If you want to ever have unprotected sex, please follow these steps.

  1. Make sure you have one trust worthy partner/Boyfriend.
  2. Make sure you’ve both tested for all STls/ STDs and are Safe.
  3. Talk over it with your partner, seek their consent…Are they ready for the outcomes?
  4. Make sure your partner is on PrEP or be kind and support them seek for PEP.
  5. Insist on Condom use.

We want you Healthy and Happy!!

Visit our DIC today for more information on HIV Viral-load.