In the know


Depression can come in many forms and people deal with it differently, have different signs and symptoms but one thing is always the same they need support.
The ten characteristics of perfectly hidden depression
You are perfectionist and have constant, critical and shaming inner voice.
You demonstrate a heightened or excessive sense of responsibility.
You detach from painful emotions by staying in your head and actively shutting them off.
You worry and need to control yourself and your environment.
You intensely focus on tasks and use your accomplishment to feel valuable.
You focus on the wellbeing of others, but don’t allow them into your inner world.
You discount or dismiss hurt or sorrow and struggle with self-compassion
You may have an accompanying mental health issues such as eating disorder anxiety disorder obsessive compulsive disorder or addiction
You believe strongly in “count your blessings “as the foundation of well being
You may enjoy success with a professional structure but struggle with emotional intimacy in relationships
You don’t have to go through a situation alone. Speak up! Let it out. It’s very okay to express your emotions