Our strategic goals are

  1. Comprehensive HIV and Mental Health: enabling access to timely, comprehensive, client-focused, quality integrated healthcare and mental health.
  2. Access to Justice: creating an enabling environment for easy access to effective support services to address human rights violations.
  3. Economic Empowerment: seeking diversification and increasing our funding base to establish organizational sustainability, and to enable our beneficiaries access to economic resources and opportunities for economic development. STRATEGIC PLAN 9
  4. Policy Advocacy: reviewing and/ or formulating supportive policies that address barriers to access and uptake of SRH and HIV services: leadership, marketing, technology and professional governance practices.
  5. Organizational Systems Strengthening: build a strong, dynamic, resilient institution that is effective and efficient in delivering its mandate. This document operationalization is hinged on accountability mechanisms, and aligned to MAAYGO organizational structure.