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What one needs to know about STI,s

Sexually transmitted infections happen, but that doesn’t mean we need to allow them to make one feel ashamed! Most if not all STIs can be prevented, and even if you do end up acquiring one, they can be treated.
Chlamydia is one of the most common bacterial infections. Symptoms include pain when you pee and an unusual discharge from the penis
Gonorrhea is similar to chlamydia, its caused by a bacterial can also cause a discharge or swelling but often it has no symptoms at all.
Someone who has syphilis will get a sore at the place where they have been infected. This could be on the penis, where they might see it or around or inside the anus where they won’t see it. Syphilis can be dangerous infection if left untreated for long.
As a gay person greater way to ensure that you avoid infections is to make sure that you always use a condom and water based lube every time you engage in sex
Remember with most STIs the sooner you get screened, diagnosed/tested for them the easier they are to treat
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