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Marking the end of #biweek

As we mark the end of this pink, purple and blue occasion, it is also the best time to learn more about bisexuality, biphobia and bi-erasure
Bisexuality is the sexual orientation of being attracted to more than one gender.
Biphobia is the hate and discrimination that is directed at people who are bisexual
Bi-erasure is the denial that bisexuality exists
There is no set standards for bisexuality and what it should be ,how it should look like ,and when it should is subject to personal preferences and may vary for bisexuals, but it doesn’t make them any more or less of their sexual orientation
Even with the LGBTQIA+community, there are many myths and misconceptions on bisexuality that are perpetuated until now. Taking a step back to reassess our stands on respect for individuality and preferences that harm no one will help us understand, respect and acknowledge bisexuals and bisexuality more