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Living Positively with HIV

Living positively with HIV is important to enhance quality of life through promoting your own well-being, the health of your loved ones/sexual partners and the community at large.
Anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs are pills used to control HIV. Adherence to your HIV treatment means taking your ARV pills correctly, at the right time and the right dose (amount), as prescribed/instructed your health care provider. Taking pills at the wrong time either too early or too late or missing doses altogether could make them less effective/ less powerful and they may even stop working for you.
Consistent adherence to antiretroviral therapy can reduce the amount of HIV in the blood also called viral load suppression
antiretroviral therapy can make the viral load so low that a test cant detect it, this is called undetectable viral load
Remember there is no cure for HIV but sticking with treatment means you are protecting your life and it makes it possible to live a longer and healthier life