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HIV self-testing (HIVST

refers to a process in which a person collects his or her own specimen (oral fluid or blood), performs an HIV test and interprets the result, often in a private setting, either alone or with someone trusted.
Benefits of self-testing for HIV
1. It offers anonymity-the stigma that comes with going to the hospital for a test is one reason many people don’t get tested
2. Ease of use-the HIV self-test kit is easy to use and can done by one self
3. It encourages frequency-research has shown that people who decide on self-testing are more likely to get tested more often than those who go to the hospital
4. Its fast and accurate-you don’t have to waste time booking an appointment with a healthcare provider or waiting for the result from the lab
Despite the pandemic we must remain vigilant to prevent the spread of HIV.Visit our any of our DIC for free counselling and education on self-test kit
Knowing your HIV status empowers you to live your best life.