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Gender Based Violence and the different forms

The term GBV refers to “any form of violence that is directed at an individual based on biological sex, gender identity (e.g., being transgender), or behaviors that are not in line with social expectations of what it means to be a man or women, boy or girl (e.g., MSM and FSWs).
What are some forms of violence?
Sexual violence: any sexual act performed on an individual without their consent
Includes actual, attempted or threatened (vaginal, anal or oral) rape, including marital rape; sexual abuse and exploitation; forced prostitution; transactional/survival sex; and sexual harassment, intimidation and humiliation.
Physical violence: any act which causes physical harm as a result of physical unlawful force
Includes actual, attempted or threatened physical assault or battery; slavery and slave-like practices; and trafficking. Emotional and psychological violence Includes abuse and humiliation, such as insults; cruel and degrading treatment; compelling a person to engage in humiliating acts; and placing restrictions on liberty and freedom of movement.
Psychological violence: any act which causes psychological harm to an individual for example coercion, defamation, verbal insult or harassment.
Economic violence: any act or behavior which causes economic harm to an individual for example property damage, restricting access to financial resources, not complying with economic responsibilities
This types of violence are often misunderstood and ignored by people in case of any form of violence you can always report to any of our clinics for physiological support